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Why Courage is the Most Essential Virtue

Come with me via Prince Albert, a magic trick, the four great kings, Alexander the Third, Brazilian soccer players, Seth Godin, Brene Brown and more to discover why courage is the most essential of all virtues (and the question that lies at the heart of a more courageous life.)

4 Responses to Why Courage is the Most Essential Virtue

  • Ian


    What I liked:

    1. Use of crayons
    2. References to the 4 books: you got War of Art around the wrong way.
    3. The encouragement to say No and get into action mode.
    4. The fact it’s a short clip.

    What I wasn’t too wowed by:

    1. I think you spoke too fast, it sounded like you were racing.
    2. Too many anecdotes at beginning. Use 1 to relate to courage and perhaps an “everyday person” example.

  • Sue Skelton

    Video clips are no use to me as my internet connection is very slow. I persevered as far as the pack of cards, but had already spent 5 minutes, as it stopped to buffer 7 or 8 times up to this point.

    It looked fun and interesting, but I hope you won’t stop doing the one-liners by email. I like receiving these.

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