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The Illustrated Michael Port

Michael Port’s best known for his book Book Yourself Solid, and or anyone looking to build a business with a solid list of really good clients, this is a great book to have on your shelves (or even better, to have in your hands).

The latest version of Book Yourself Solid – an illustrated edition – is out today, and if I’m honest this is my favourite so far. It’s fun, interactive and still super-practical. There are seeds of Great Work here: decide who the best people to work with are, say Yes to them and No to others, and commit to building something fantastic.

When the second edition of BYS came out a few years ago, he and I sat down and had a really interesting conversation. It’s worth having a listen, as Michael spills some of the key tactics that are right at the heart of Book Yourself Solid.

If you’re curious about the new edition you can look at it here and I know Michael’s offering some cool launch bonuses here as well (including a free app).


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  • Paul Johnson

    Excellent. I’ve just ordered this book on the back of your recommendation. Love the look of the illustrations alongside the text. Makes the ideas literally… I mean visually… leap out of the page.

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