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Chris Brogan, It’s Not About the Tights & Trust Agents

ChrisBroganI’m talking today with Chris Brogan who, if you don’t already know Chris Brogan, you should. He’s that awesome. He’s the CEO of Human Business Works, and author of a bunch of publications, including The New York Times bestseller Trust Agents and countless excellent blog posts. His latest piece is an e-book called It’s Not About the Tights, which is about the importance of bravery in today’s workforce.

In this interview, Chris and I discuss:

  • What it means to be brave
  • Why it’s more beneficial to be “whole” than to be “good”
  • How to apply CAPE (confidence, acceptance, permission and execution) to succeed in business and in life
  • How to take educated risks that don’t jeopardize your livelihood
  • A methodical approach to eliminating excuses

 (Scroll down for more in-depth podcast notes.)

Listen to my interview with Chris Brogan.

0:00:00: Michael and Chris discuss the Buddhist quote at the beginning of It’s Not About the Cape (“Ultimately, courage is not being afraid of yourself.”), and the importance of looking within to solve a problem.

0:02:04: Chris and Michael talk about what it really means to be brave, particularly within the context of business. They reflect on the idea that it’s better to be “whole” than to be “good.”

0:05:10: Michael asks Chris about the CAPE acronym in his e-book – confidence, acceptance, permission and execution. They get into a lengthy discussion about the first two points, touching on: how we gain confidence; why it’s important to take educated risks; and why it’s necessary to accept reality and not use the past as an excuse not to move forward.

0:10:00: After further exploring the importance of accepting reality, Michael steers the conversation to the final two points of CAPE – permission and execution. He points out that giving oneself permission to take the first step IS the first step to progress. Chris agrees, noting that the idea of taking ownership for one’s life relates to an important statement in his e-book: “You are the superhero you’ve been waiting for.” They move on to discuss the final point in CAPE, execution, pointing out that people are prone not to execute, and that we need to implement the “excuse removal system” in order to meet goals and succeed.

0:15:03: Michael and Chris reflect on the methodical approach to eliminating excuses, and observe that it ties in with basic marketing – the concept of “removing all the reasons why not so that you’re only left with why.”

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