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How to Build Rock Solid Habits (Part 3)

Did you know that Duke University estimated that habits shape 45% of the choices we make every day? If you’re looking to break some of those old habits and build some new ones, there’s a simple formula. In this video, featuring the return of the zombies a disappointing martini and some truly excellent donuts, Michael reveals the three parts of the formula to build rock solid habits.

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2 Responses to How to Build Rock Solid Habits (Part 3)

  • Marta

    It would also be great to have a one pager, a little reminder after the film… I love the film (with a bit of confusion however between the advice and donuts…) but can’t remember the key three bits of phrases – though I remember the general idea. How can you give me a little post it note with the 1-2-something- 60-seconds?

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