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What Does “Resilience” Mean to You?

When we talk of the resilience of material goods, we mean its ability to flex back, to minimize wear and tear, to resist damage.

I’m not sure it works exactly when we apply the same concepts to ourselves. When I go through good times and bad, I’m not really trying to bounce back to where I was but to get smarter and wiser. To be further along the road from where I was.

And I don’t really want to be impervious to interacting with my life. It’s bumping into life that IS my life. I’m not trying to build up a shell. Or put better, I’m trying to minimize the shell that I’m inevitably building up.

So I’m curious to explore this concept of resilience, and I’ll be doing so this month on the blog (some fun videos, some great interviews, and more). It’s one of the three core characteristics you need to do more Great Work:

Focus, to help know what Great Work is for you and to see opportunities for it around you.

Courage, a willingness to cross the threshold and start Great Work even when you know that first step will be a step into the unknown.

And Resilience, a willingness to keep going when things get difficult, to learn and grow and adapt so that you’re able to get to where you want to go.

And I’m curious to know now what resources you turn to when you think about resilience. What books, TED talks and sources of wisdom have helped you build your own resilience?

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4 Responses to What Does “Resilience” Mean to You?

  • Bob

    I give Steven Pressfield’s: “Do the Work” another listen to. Fight The Resistence every day. That takes, in part, resilience.

  • Ali Davies

    Over the last few years my husband and I have been dealt a whole load of developing resilience opportunities. Including two potentially long term life threatening illnesses and moving half way across the world to live (from Ireland to Vancouver Canada). Through the personal and professional challenges that we have navigated during this time we have found one of the most powerful resources help us weather the storms and keep on keeping on was taking a back to basics approach, specifically with self care (sleep, nutrition, exercise. meditation, creating time and space to just “be” etc). I think the power of having a strong self care programme is often overlooked or viewed as a luxury in times when your back is against the wall. But over the last few years we have learnt that actually prioritising a strong self care programme really strengthens resilience and helps navigate the tough times easier. We have also found it has a dramatic impact on doing great work, relationships and just about any other area of life, work or business. We now view it as a necessity not a nice to have if there is enough time.

  • Kwame Davis

    I would recommend the books – undefeated mind, man’s search for meaning, a guide to the good life and some stoicism. There are plenty movies showing the hero overcoming adversity e.g. shawshank redemption.

    • Kwame Davis

      You can also reference history and some biographies like mandela or historical analyses like robert greene’s mastery. so many books and resources to choose from.

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