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Be a Presentation Genius

Bad Meetings.
Awful Presentations.
Terrible Workshops.

Most professionals expect to be bored. You likely hold a faint hope that you’ll get just one or two useful things from a day of training. However, every meeting can and should be genius.  Tomorrow, I’m teamed up with my friend Mark Bowden and we are speaking at the 2013 CSTD Conference and Trade Show. If you are there, please feel free to tweet or say hello after the talk. I’d love to get your feedback.

We’ll be talking about how to deliver an engaging presentations rather than ones that use PowerPoint as a weapon of submission. We’ll offer up tips on how to provide workshops where people leave with newfound wisdom and a commitment to action.

  • Learn to get everyone’s attention without saying a single word.
  • Discuss how to get more done by doing less.
  • Discover how to get your audience to remember what’s really important.
  • Explore seating arrangements that get the most from your audience.
  • Understand how to be provocative—and informational.

You can check out our Presentation Genius here. If you would like to book me for a speaking engagement, take a look at what you can expect and check my availability here.

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2 Responses to Be a Presentation Genius

    • Michael Bungay Stanier

      Hello Kathy
      Sorry about that
      We are updating Presentation Genius online and those icebreakers are now gone
      Apologies for the confusion. We did the cart before the horse here I’m afraid.

      Best wishes

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