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Great Work MBA – A Few Highlights

Today is the last day of the Great Work MBA (use the hashtag #GreatWorkMBA to follow along on Twitter) conference. And, we have Josh Kaufman, Peter Sims, Ben Jensen, Eric Klein and Brené Brown lined up. It’s not too late to register!

Day 2, on the theme of influencing others, started off with Sally Hogshead exploring how to use our personal brand to fascinate.

Sally Hogshead

And, yesterday ended on a high note with Beth Comstock, the CMO of GE talking about innovation.

Beth ComstockFrom the very beginning, I’ve been in awe of the wisdom that our faculty is sharing; it’s a mind-boggling wealth of insights and inspiration that we’ve been able to tap into.


Colour-coded notes

The cool thing about these sessions is that they are meant to be listened to again and again.


Make no mistake, we’ve had a lot of fun along the way, with a meta-moment or two.


The #GreatWorkMBA is a real workout. I designed it to change the way you think, ground you, inspire you, refine your skills and put everything you’ve gleaned into practice in your every day life. But, what I hadn’t anticipated, was that it is also a work out program!

The Great Work MBA workout

So please join us today, on the last day of the Great Work MBA.

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