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Twofer Tuesday: Change Your Habits & Do Great Work!!

Often the first step in doing Great Work is changing old habits. With that in mind, here are two articles that caught my eye this week. (See the link at the end to join the conversation on LinkedIn.)

On how to change habits

We’re pretty big on the habit thing in our programs, and one person who’s really helped crystallize the practical ways of changing habits is Charles Duhigg. If you haven’t got his book yet – The Power of Habit – then wait til January, when it comes out in paperback. But get it. It’s a really good read.

 And meantime, here’s his habit loop as a useful infographic


See: How to Change Habits

What does Great Work Feel like?

Seth has a good point of view on it right here. And how to manage that creeping sense of anxiety you’re getting…

Read: Trash Talking Important Work


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