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Twofer Tuesday: Letting Go and Reading On…

This week’s Twofer Tuesday is a bit of a mixed bag, but both are equally important: Knowing when to stop and great books to inspire you. (Feel free to join our LinkedIn discussion group – the details are at the bottom of this post.)

When and how to STOP a Great Work Project

You’ve heard me bang on about the power and importance of doing a Great Work Project many times, no doubt.

And in case you’ve missed it, here’s a short post from Seth Godin about why there are times you need to go beyond Good Enough.

Sometimes, though, you need to stop the project. When you realize it’s the wrong hole, you need to stop digging.

Here’s Zen Habit’s Leo role modelling taking the tough decisions.

Read: Simplifying is Painful

And here’s Danielle LaPorte showing you beautifully just how you can decide to say No.

Read: How to Let Go of A Dream (and why I’m not starting a magazine)

8 + 33 + 76 books you could add to your reading list

This month we’re celebrating the 10 year anniversary of The Eight Irresistible Principles of Fun, a short but powerful animated movie I created long long long ago. As part of the moment, I’ve done a short video review of 8 books that I thought perfectly complemented the 8 principles…

Of course, like you most likely, I’m always on the look out for good books (which amongst other things will help me avoid the waste of paper and life books, of which there are plenty).

One of my favourite commentators and curators is Maria Popova from Brainpickings. She’s always uncovering fabulous new finds, and this week she’s been talking about the Long Now’s project, The Manual for Civilization. In a nutshell, that’s the 3,500 essential books that do the best job at showing up how to live and live well.

Stuart Brand put up his 76 books, and while it’s a fabulous list, Maria pointed out that there were exactly 1.5 of those books written by women.

So she’s created her own reading list, which does a much better job at being diverse.

Read: Brand’s book list.

Read: Popova’s book list.

So … what would you add to your Absolutely Essential reading list?


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