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Twofer Tuesday: On Travelling Well and Mindfulness

Every week in our Tools for the Time-Crunch Manager LinkedIn group the group shares some insights, ideas and links all designed to inspire and help you conquer the day-to-day realities of your workday. Here are two that I shared…

Do You Travel for Work?

Here’s some essential equipment for you…

I’ve had my years when I’ve been a ‘road warrior’ … and I can’t say I’m that excited by the lifestyle. But when you do travel a lot, I know you’re always looking for equipment that’s useful, efficient and practical.

Last year I stumbled across a site called The Wirecutter, which does a fabulous job at doing “meta reviews” of products, and recommending the very best. So they’ll look at various website reviews, personally test out some options, and then say things like, “If I had to buy a computer screen for less than $300 I’d buy X”.

So I was excited when they did an entire article on the best travel gear. It covers all sorts of bits and pieces you might need for a smoother trip, from the best suitcase to the best travel umbrella…

And perhaps you’ve got your own recommendation of a travel essential that you never leave home without…

Read: Travel well, for business or pleasure

Is This the Silver Bullet You’ve Been Waiting For?

I’m going to ask you to get involved in this campaign: Mindful in May. It’s a way to spend a month building a meditation habit AND raising money for charity:water. Be part of the team (before May 7) or donate here.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could be more focused … savour life more …. have a higher EQ … stay calmer and get rattled less easily?

Why yes, yes it would…

And there’s actually one simple activity that helps you get there. It’s meditation. And wait … before you go “tried it and it’s not for me” know this…

Meditation is simple but difficult. Practice (just a little practice a few minutes a day) goes a long long way.

Practice is of course simple but difficult. But support and accountability helps you stay the course. If you sign up for the Mindfulness in May campaign, you’ll be part of a monthly program that helps you Sit Down and Meditate.

Please be part of this – either on your own or by joining the Box of Crayons team. And if not, consider donating to help raise money for charity:water.

Thank you


=> here’s the link again to join or make a donation:

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