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Twofer Tuesday: On Magic and Great Work

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Here’s How to Work a Little Magic

Something fun today, with a HT to JK Rowling.

If you had a magic wand, what spell would you cast today?

See: Every Harry Potter Spell

What’s the Great Work You’ll be Up to in the Final Four?

Good Work: your job description.

Great Work: the work that makes a difference, has meaning, has an impact.

Before all of us in the Northern Hemisphere step back onto the fast-moving treadmill and rush towards the end of 2014, what’s the project you want to focus upon?

 Remember, it doesn’t have to be something that’s particularly high profile or in the spotlight. In fact, this piece referencing Richard Feynman makes a case for taking on the humble projects…

Read: What Work Matters Most?

PS – and really: let us know what you’ll be working on. I’m curious to learn.

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