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Twofer Tuesday: The Power of Projects and Why Rejection Isn’t the End…

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What matters most? Projects or processes?

Do you follow the 99U blog? No? Seriously, you should consider it. Even though that community is for “creatives” (I’m not totally sure what they are either), it’s a consistently rich and smart place to be picking up insights and tips.

(I was one of the contributors to their book ‘Maximize Your Potential‘; and the 3rd volume of that set ‘Mark Your Mark’ is just out.)

Anyhoo … one of the great things they do is they take a short article and make it even shorter, giving you totally bang for your reading buck. Here they take a WSJ article by Derek Lidow and set out the main points clearly.

And the topic? The power of the project. I’ve been banging on about this for some years now. I heard it first from Tom Peters many moons ago, and I know that organizations such as Google are heavily project based, as a way of driving innovation and change.

What’s useful about this article is it’s take on processes, and why in some ways they might be the Darth Vader to the Luke Skywalker of a project based world.

I’ve included links to the original article as well as the 99U one as well.
Read: The Difference Between Projects and Processes
Read: Real Innovation Comes from Projects

How to get rejected (this will make you laugh)

Learning how to say No clearly and with diplomacy is one of the greatest skills you can have in the question to do more Great Work.

Learning to HEAR No … and being willing to carry on regardless – resilience – is equally important.

Which is why I think you’ll enjoy these letters to some of the biggest cultural forces in our world today.

I’m having a tussle with my publishing house right now, so it was perfect reading for me – and for you too I hope. (Jimmy Clenner … how are you feeling now, that you turned down the chance to sign Madonna?)

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