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Twofer Tuesday: On How to End 2014 on a High Note

In this last “Twofer Tuesday” of the year, it seems appropriate to share resources for ending 2014 on a high note and hitting the ground running in 2015.

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An end of year checklist from Les McKeown

Predictable Success is someone I quote often. We’ve worked with Les at Box of Crayons, and he’s made a big difference to how we work as a company and what we focus upon.

 Here’s a recent article from Les – he’s a regular columnist for Inc. magazine – sharing a five point end of year check list. A perfect companion piece for the following post on planning for the new year!

Read: The Leader’s Year End Checklist

How do you plan for the new year?

(Here are 5 approaches … what would you add?)

I’m curious to know what works for you in creating your plans for the new year.

Chris Brogan picks just three words
=> Read: My 3 Words

Ishita Gupta starts big then breaks it down
=> Read: How to Create Your Annual 2015 Plan

Chris Guillebeau dedicates much of the final weeks of the year to thoroughly review what’s happened
=> Read: The 2014 Annual Review

Pam Slim asks herself three essential questions to bring focus to what really matters
=> Read: Want 2015 to be a great year? Plan it!

Charlie Gilkey has created his own range of planners (which you can grab too)
=> Access: Free planners

And you? Help us all out by sharing any good tools, approaches or strategies that you’ve found useful.

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