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Twofer Tuesday: On Time Management & Saying Yes

twofertuesdaysHave you joined our Tools for the Time-Crunch Manager LinkedIn group? It’s designed to inspire and help you conquer the day-to-day challenges of your workday! We often share resources like this…

Shifting Time to Your Advantage…

You know those people who just seem to have the innate ability to get more done? No, they don’t hide their Time Manager Super Hero cape in the closet – they just have a few tricks up their sleeves that we can all use.

Elisabeth Saunders, founder and CEO of Real Life E, a time coaching and training company, shares some of the secrets of people who manage to shift time to their advantage.

Number 2 and 3 ring true for me. Which ones are your favourites?

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What are Good Reasons to Say Yes? Or No?

What are bad reasons? (Your input requested)

I’m in the midst of writing a new book – ah, the pain and the pleasure of it all – and I’d value your thoughts on this question…

If there’s a choice that lies at the heart of doing more Great Work, it’s knowing what to say Yes to … and then what you need to say No to.

i’d love your comments on this…

=> What are the good reasons to say Yes. And No.

=> And what are the bad reasons.

Please do post in the comments, or if you’d like you can send me your thoughts directly to

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