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How Will You Start Your Q2?

Great-Work-ProjectWe’re all about helping organizations and their people do less Good Work and more Great Work. Great Work? It’s work that’s more strategic and has more impact meets the work that’s more meaningful and more engaging.

One of the most effective tools we know is helping people define a Great Work Project (GWP). The GWP helps you (and your team and your colleagues) feel less overwhelmed and more focused on the stuff that matters. When you’re doing Great Work, you need not only focus, but also courage and resilience – and a GWP helps you tap into those essential attributes.

Ninety days is a very fine timeline for a GWP. It’s long enough to get something going, and short enough to provide a finish line you can see.

At the start of each quarter, you may want to download the coveted Box of Crayons GWP template

Not only will you get the highly practical template, you’ll also get an mp3 of me talking you through exactly how to use it. It’s straightforward: one listen through, and you’ll be good to go.

Go grab it, and use it. And here’s to more Great Work (and less of all the other stuff.)

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