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Twofer Tuesday: On Courage & Innovation

twofertuesdaysHave you joined our Tools for the Time-Crunch Manager LinkedIn group?  It’s designed to inspire and help you conquer the day-to-day challenges of your workday! We often share resources like this…

Question: What’s the bravest thing you’ve done at work?

June at Box of Crayons is all about everyday courage, and I wanted to ask you about your own acts of quiet (or not so quiet) bravery.

I think it’s worth remembering that being brave isn’t about being stupid or doing career-limiting interventions. It’s more about doing the right thing, even though there may be a price you’ll pay (imagined often, although sometimes not.)

When you look back on your career so far, what stands out for you as a brave act, and why.  Feel free to answer here on my blog, or join my LinkedIn group Tools for the Time Crunched Manager, where I posed this question originally, and see what everyone has to say!

Are you and your organization faking innovation?

My first job was in the then nascent world of innovation consulting, and I would say with the benefit of hindsight and now that I’m a grizzled and grumpy old man, that the main reason we were hired by our corporate clients were that we put on a good show. In short, we were funky, they were straight. To give you some sort of idea, I had long hair, earrings and made my own clothes … and that was all cool.

It sounds silly enough, but that’s still the approach to innovation many organizations have. “We need to be more innovative … let’s buy beanbags and paint the walls orange.”

Innovation is a learned skill and an implementable process. Here’s a solid article from some folks in the innovation field I respect, who share some useful insights on what it really takes to drive innovation in your team and your organization.

Read: You’re Doing Innovation Wrong

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