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David Creelman’s Five Essential Books for Understanding the Future of Work

I’ve often said that the people I most like to hang out with are those who make me think and make me laugh. (I’ll take either, but if I get both I’m engaged in both heart and head). David Creelman gets two ticks on this particular scale. He is also one of Canada’s foremost leaders on human capital management, and I’m pleased that he has agreed to share his five essential books for understanding the future of work…

Book 1: Free Agent Nation

by Dan Pink
Pink embraces and celebrates free agents and rightly places them as being a central part of the modern economy.

Book 2: The New Deal at Work

by Peter Cappelli
Cappelli shows how even if we don’t pursue being a free agent, something like free agency is being forced upon us as companies abandon interest in a long-term employment relationship.

Book 3: The Start-up of You

by Reid Hoffman
Whether you are a free agent or have a “real” job, you should still see the work as being “The Start-up of You”. LinkedIn’s founder sets you on the right path.

Book 4: The Firm, The Market and The Law

by Ronald Coase
With all this excitement about free agency you might wonder why we need companies at all. Coase’s transaction cost theory explains why there is still a need for companies to get work done.

Book 5: Crowdsourcing

by Jeff Howe
The future of work isn’t just about being a free agent, it’s about novel ways of getting work done such as crowdsourcing. Howe coined the term, so read his book.

About David

Creelman at cafe_croppedOne of Canada’s most interesting researchers/consultants in the world of human resources is David Creelman. He helps HR leaders to identify, understand and address important new issues in human capital management. His latest book “Lead the Work: Navigating a world beyond employment” (with co-authors Boudreau & Jesuthasan) is a practical guide on the future of work.

Connect With David

LinkedIn: DavidCreelman
Twitter: @dcreelman

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