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7 Coaching Questions to Master

The Coaching Habit BookAs you know, my new book The Coaching Habit is launching later this month. It’s my mission to get managers coaching in 10 minutes or less.

(At the end of this post, find out how you can take an exclusive preview of the first third of the book right away. Amongst other things you’ll read about the Best Coaching Question in the World)

By mastering seven questions, you’ll be able to have more powerful conversations that increase focus, engagement and impact.

But don’t take my word for it.

Check out my conversation with my client and friend Michael Leckie, who is responsible for leadership development at one of the business units within IT research company Gartner. We’ve been using this material for years now at Gartner, and we’ve had some great success.

In this video he shares his favourite question of all, and we discuss:

  • The usefulness of being “lazy”;
  • How to be truly present in your role as a manager;
  • And the profound effect of saying something out loud

And if you’re now keen to test-drive The Coaching Habit, you can grab the first third of the book right away through BookGrabbr. In exchange for sharing it through the social media channel of your choice, you get an exclusive preview. Grab it now!

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4 Responses to 7 Coaching Questions to Master

  • Neal

    Hey Michael looking forward to your book, but couldn’t see an ebook option. Nu? Kindle or such?

    • Michael Bungay Stanier

      Hi Neal
      Kindle and Kobo are coming. Since publication is not officially until Feb 29th- we’re still getting ducks in a row.

  • Tim Harper

    Really enjoyed the conversation about the new book and the simplicity of asking the question/s. This has resonated with me as a leader. I am currently completing he final phase of a leadership coaching program and this is affirming.

    Confirmation bias – I was absolutely guilty of this prior when I initially got my first leadership position.

    Humble curiosity – love this phrase as it encapsulates the true essence of coaching as I understand it.

  • Shone Holland

    I have just started reading the book from kindle. Loving it. I’m looking forward to seeing how the book and I progress 😊
    I love the style, quick, simple and straight to the point. Thank you.

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