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Get the Book, Get the Bonus!

The Coaching Habit BookAt last, the big day is here! The Coaching Habit has launched and is available here! (You can also download a Kindle version here. And, there’s even an audiobook available through Post Hypnotic Press! )  I can now go collapse in a heap: we’ve crossed this finish line!

To celebrate, we’ve got some awesome bonuses lined up to make a big splash. You can see everything laid out here.

Buy one copy of the book and send us a copy of the receipt to We’ll send you two exclusive downloads right away: one a list of the 7 essential questions, and one The New Habit Formula. They’re designed so you can print them out and have them handy as you put the key insights from the book into action.

If you’re thinking of buying 7 or more copies of the book, come check out the bonus page and see what you’ll pick up.

We’ve also got different bonuses for 45+, 98+ and 245+ copies.

Curious? Excited?

Check out all the bonuses here.

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