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How to Build a New Habit

The Coaching Habit BookThis might stun you: Did you know that at least 45% of our waking behaviour is habitual? That’s right, we’re in a routine loop of responding to stimulus triggers in the same way, time and time again.

In my upcoming book, The Coaching Habit, you’ll find The New Habit Formula, a simple but powerful way to build new, stronger, more useful habits. Here’s an exclusive preview of that formula, as well as an exploration of the science behind changing our habits and how to shift into a new way of being.

Watch my new video: How to Build a Habit

Before you go … could you give me a hand? Here are two quick ways.

The launch is just a few days away. It’s all hands on deck!

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#2 Exchange a social media share for a preview of the first third of the book through my BookGrabbr campaign. (It’s SO useful to have people like you waving the flag for us at this time.)

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