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Twofer Tuesday: On Not-So-Blind Luck and the Merits of Distraction

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Happenstance vs. Taking a Chance

Does serendipity simply happen to us or is it something we can bring about in our own lives?

“We can slip into a twisted logic in which we half-believe the penicillin picked Alexander Fleming to be its emissary, or that the moons of Jupiter wanted to be seen by Galileo. But discoveries are products of the human mind.”

Exploring the unknown is a creative act unto itself. Why not set the stage for creativity and discovery? Serendipity may be easier to come upon than you think.

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Recipe for Success: Focus with a Dash of Distraction

Distraction can be a good thing. We need to stay open to external stimulation so we can be inspired by influences outside our own minds. Many artists and innovators came up with their most brilliant concepts when their regular work was interrupted – say, by an apple falling out of a tree and landing on their head.

But in the everyday scheme of things, it can be necessary to tune out the chatter of colleagues and constant “ping!” of emails to get through our workload.

See where you fall on the distraction spectrum; try New York magazine’s game to find out.

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