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The Right Way to Ask a Question

boc-original-500How do we learn from one another? How can we inspire our teams to be more focussed? By doing just that: Asking questions.

Mastering the art of a powerful question can free up busy manager time. And, teams naturally become more autonomous when the manager’s “advice monster” has been contained.

But HOW you ask a question is just as important as WHAT you ask.

Consider this: Have you ever been a victim of “drive-by questioning”? That’s when a rapid string of questions are fired at you so quickly that you don’t have a hope of gathering your thoughts in time to respond coherently to any one of them. Yeah, we’ve all been there.

There IS a right way to pose a question, and it never involves launching a verbal assault. Check out this article I wrote for The Globe and Mail, in which I’ve managed to connect the dots between the art of asking questions, bobbleheads and, of course, Monty Python.

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