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Help The Coaching Habit Take Flight

Take-flight-square-CTA-1We’re thrilled by the hugely positive response to our new book, The Coaching Habit. We’ve gotten incredible attention, received impressive accolades and even made the Wall Street Journal bestseller list. Pretty overwhelming for a self-published book!

Thank you to everyone who bought a copy, spread the word and helped our book lift off. We’re thankful and grateful. And, if we may, we have a favour to ask . . .

Our bookstore elves let us know that folks are finding (and buying!) The Coaching Habit in airport bookstores all across the United States.

Ironically, our proudly Canadian book isn’t available at Canada’s largest airport, Toronto Pearson International. In fact, the book isn’t stocked in any Canadian airport bookstore. (But if our elves are mistaken and you spot a copy, please snap a picture of it and send it to us!)

We’d like to change that. So here’s the favour we’re asking: Next time you travel through Pearson — or any major Canadian airport, for that matter — would you please take a minute to stop by the bookstore and ask for our book by its title? We’re hoping that once store managers know our book is in demand, they’ll be quick to stock it. We even have a handy order request to act as a helpful reminder.

Let us know when you’ve done us the favour, and we’ll happily send you a thank-you gift in the form of a beautifully designed e-postcard (PDF), inspired by The Coaching Habit, created by U.K. artist and author Lee Crutchley.

For now, we’ll just say thank you in advance for helping our Canadian book take flight!

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