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Bill Jensen on Simplicity

Jensen_5EssentialBooksIn The Simplicity Survival Handbook, Bill Jensen offers up — in a way that is practical and easy to read — strategies for doing less but accomplishing more. Bill was one of my very first Great Work Podcast interviews, so it’s appropriate that our conversation close out the #GWP300 celebration. It’s an excellent reflection on how to strip down to what is essential and focus on what matters — a topic still highly relevant seven years later.

What’s your favourite line or takeaway? Share it by either commenting below or tweeting me @BoxofCrayons with the hashtag #GWP300 for your chance to receive a gift from me. We’ll be randomly selecting 10 participants and sending them a coupon for a free ebook version of The Coaching Habit.

In this interview Bill and I tackle:

  • Why editing is a critical skill in today’s world.
  • How to use a courage meter.
  • Why 1440 is the most important number you need to know.
  • Plus, advice on who should mentor you.

If you are looking for tips on how to simplify your life and focus on your true purpose, this interview is for you. Be sure, too, to visit Bill’s website Simpler Work. You’ll also find Bill on Twitter @SimpletonBill.

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Interview Highlights

0:16   Michael introduces Bill Jensen (aka “Mr. Simplicity”)
1:15    Books written by Bill Jensen
8:17    Why editing is a critical skill in today’s world
9:43   Two core skills we all have to have
10:37  Why 1440 is the most important number you need to know
15:18  How to use a courage meter
21:17  Advice on who should mentor you
22:15  If you could do just one thing to help get closer to Great Work – know, feel, do
25:25  What Bill is doing now
26:47  How to find out more about Bill Jensen and his work
27:34   Michael closes the interview


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