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Jessica Hagy on the Importance of Curiosity

JessicaHagyJessica Hagy is an artist, a visual storyteller and the author of the book How to Be Interesting. I spoke to Jessica three or so years ago and was truly impressed by her wake-up call to be the hero of our own story. (By the way, if you haven’t already, you should check out Jessica’s five essential books for stopping and thinking, here.)

I couldn’t not include this interview in the #GWP300 celebration! Listen in and you’ll see why — it contains gem after gem.

What’s your favourite line or takeaway? Share it by either commenting below or tweeting me @BoxofCrayons with the hashtag #GWP300 for your chance to receive a gift from me. At the end of this week, we’ll be randomly selecting 10 participants and sending them a coupon for a free ebook version of The Coaching Habit.

In this interview, Jessica and I discuss:

  • The importance of curiosity, exploration and saying yes to opportunities.
  • Why it pays to connect with others and reach beyond one’s own thoughts.
  • The value of embracing risk.
  • Harnessing the courage to be different.
  • How to engage others by talking or writing about your ideas rather than your accomplishments.
  • The value of letting go and sharing ideas rather than trying to protect them from being “stolen.”

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Interview Highlights

0:00:00: Michael and Jessica touch on the 10 principles she’s outlines in her book, How To Be Interesting. She says that “Go Exploring” is the central principle, and goes on to talk with Michael about the importance of being curious, connecting with others and saying “yes.”

0:05:07: Jessica and Michael discuss the “dark” side of exploration, and agree that there’s value in taking risks and acquiring scars – both physical and emotional. As Michael notes, “Wisdom enters through the wound.” This train of thought leads the two to talk about harnessing the bravery within to dare to be different.

0:08:16: Michael asks Jessica about the major crossroads in her life, and she reflects on the year she lived overseas with her husband, and her subsequent decision to keep “doodling” rather than return to her advertising career. Michael adds that “Every choice you make has punishments and prizes.”

0:10:00: Michael and Jessica talk about embracing one’s “innate weirdness,” and note that being memorable is a good thing – particularly when writing or drawing for the Internet.

0:15:14: Jessica and Michael explore what makes someone worth following on the Internet, and concur that people are more interesting when they write about their ideas rather than their accomplishments. The conversation leads them to discuss the merits of sharing ideas rather than trying to protect them from being stolen or copied.

0:19:31: Michael concludes by directing people to Jessica’s blog,, for her latest cartoons and insights.

One Response to Jessica Hagy on the Importance of Curiosity

  • Kerry

    This was a very interesting listen! I was previously not aware of Jessica or her work. For me her main point of being curious is the one that resonated with me. I still have the curiosity of a child and that has led me to many various interests and pursuits.

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