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Four Ways to Do Less

After summer’s slower pace, October can seem downright hectic. If you feel like you’ve jumped on a hamster wheel, or are looking for ways to simplify a chaotic work life, these suggestions will help you do less, accomplish more and be happier:

Get Down to the Essentials

a98fd19d-5596-4e4c-aac9-9341a4e3ee7bFeeling stretched? I recommend the book Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less, which challenges core assumptions about achievement. In this podcast, Greg McKeown speaks to The Art of Charm’s Jordan Harbinger about how to live by design rather than by default. Listen in to The Art of Charm podcast to hear the conversation.

Simplify Your Life

GW_Podcasts_Circle_FrameIn case you missed it, I recently revisited my conversation with Mr. Simplicity himself, Bill Jensen. It’s filled with sage advice, including details on how to be more courageous and why 1440 is the most important number. You’ll also learn one deceptively simple tactic for doing more Great Work. Check it out here.

Be Emotionally Agile

HBR_Circle_FrameAt almost any given time, we have an inner stream of emotions, doubt, and fear among them. It’s our brain’s way of trying to predict and deal with everyday challenges. But sometimes these emotions and the resulting self-stories we tell ourselves are not useful — and may even be harmful. Go to HBR’s IdeaCast to hear Susan David, Harvard Medical School psychologist and co-founder of the Institute of Coaching at McLean Hospital, discuss how we can be more emotionally agile in chaotic times.

Pursue Elegance

c6638b92-9dc1-4b5f-8448-5d3298498174I recently sat down with Mike Vardy of The Productivityist Podcast to talk about simplicity, elegance, deep work and the questions we can ask to help us get more out of coaching. If you’re looking to do less while having a bigger impact, you may want to give it a listen.


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