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Podcast Wisdom for 2017

podcast-picks-500x500Can you hear that? That’s the sound of the rest of 2016 whizzing past. Before you can blink, the holidays and New Year will be upon us. In our scramble to get everything finished up, perhaps it might be useful to discover practical ways to get more done in 2017 while still having a rich, meaningful personal life.

Take a look at these three podcasts, and glean gems of wisdom to carry forth into 2017.

Slack Off

getitdoneguy-circle-frameStever Robbins, the Get-It-Done Guy, gets counterintuitive to produce some of the best advice I’ve seen in a while. He warns us about getting pulled into the allure of busyness and instead advocates guarding your slack time like the pure gold it is. Listen to Beware of Being Too Productive.

Have More Fun

ttcm-webinars-circle-frameToo much “Just get it done” and not enough “Woo-hoo, this is awesome” in your career? Okay, so it’s not technically a podcast, but if you feel as though your work has been a little grey lately, this video webinar is for you. Put the fun, creativity and zest back into 2017. You’ll discover it’s the most delightful way to increase your impact and meaning. Watch the webinar on YouTube here.

Second Guess That Meeting

selmaonleadership-circle-frameWe all know that meetings can be soul sucking, mind numbing and life draining. So before you gather the troops, listen to this savvy podcast that outlines some of the key questions you need to answer before you send out that meeting request. Tune into the Selma on Leadership podcast.

Bonus: Check out my article 7 Ways to Stop the Meeting Madness.

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