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Twofer Tuesday: On Implementing Strategy & Increasing Speed

twofer-500x500Here are two great resources to inspire you this week. Up first: In today’s business world, the word “strategy” is commonplace. But does it have tangible meaning for your employees? In the second article, you’ll discover how to make speed a part of your company culture.

From Intent to Implement: Putting Strategy into Practice

Most of us probably agree that companies need objectives — or mission statements or corporate goals — in order to succeed. But how do you translate those objectives into a strategy that informs day-to-day activities for your employees?

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Channelling Speed for the Business Win

Have you heard the expression “Move swiftly but without haste”? Turns out the term applies exceedingly well in business.

Writing for First Round Review, Dave Girouard, CEO of personal finance start-up Upstart and former president of Google Enterprise Apps, explains how to use speed wisely — and how to turn it into a competitive advantage.

“All else being equal, the fastest company in any market will win.”

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