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Twofer Tuesday: On Questioning Assumptions & Squelching Doubts

twofer-500x500This week’s offerings are two resources designed to change the way you think about how you approach your Great Work.

Game Changer: How to Rethink Your Way to the Top

No matter our fitness level (or level of interest in fitness), we all have a lot to learn from elite athletes. Ultimately, what they are is top performers. And that’s what we all strive to be, isn’t it?

Whether you work in finance, retail, high-tech or some other field, one thing is certain: there are always better ways to achieve your goals. Here, The 4-Hour Workweek author Tim Ferriss explains how interviewing some of the world’s greatest performers about their fitness routines completely changed his outlook on training.

Read: Question Everything You Know about Fitness

Stop Thinking, Start DO-ing — NSFW

In the 1960s, pioneering American artists Sol LeWitt and Eva Hesse struck up a friendship. When Eva struggled with self-doubt and a creative block, she sought Sol’s advice.

In this instalment of Letters Live, actor Benedict Cumberbatch reads the wisdom Sol offered his friend. The gist of it? Stop thinking, stop worrying, stop justifying, stop being afraid; just DO your work — and do it well. “If you fear, make it work for you; draw and paint your fear and anxiety.”

Words to work by — not to mention to live by. (And in case you missed it in the header, this one is Not Safe for Work.)

Watch: Sol LeWitt to Eva Hesse — Read by Benedict Cumberbatch

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