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Transform Your Life Today

How can you start the New Year feeling more confident, healthier and on the right track? There’s a lot of wisdom that can be teased out of these four must-listen podcasts. Download them for a listen on your next commute.

Ask the Most Powerful Question in the World

As you sail forth into 2017, the one thing I wish for all of us is to do a little less, and have more of an impact. In this podcast with Mark Bidwell, I unpack the three core principles for more effective conversations. Visit Innovation Ecosystem to discover the most powerful question in the world.


Change Your Life in 12 Minutes

a98fd19d-5596-4e4c-aac9-9341a4e3ee7bOkay, that might be a wee bit of a stretch, but this 12-minute podcast packs a lot into a very short period. Author Jeff Goins joins Jordan Harbinger of The Art of Charm to outline how to go well beyond the essentially useless advice of “follow your passion.” If you’re unsure about your next big move, listen in to this episode of Minisode Monday, on what to do with your life.


Start Something New

optimal-living-daily-podcastI was thrilled that Justin Malik of Optimal Living Daily chose to read from The Coaching Habit. His podcast is centred on sharing book excerpts designed to help people live a more productive, fulfilling life. He chose a section from my book titled “How to Build a Habit.” Check it out here.


Be Emotionally Stronger

storybrand-podcastEmotional health is an overlooked workplace topic, yet such an important one. In this interview, Miles Adcox sits down with Building a Story Brand host Donald Miller to explore the acronym ANCHOR. Listen in for tips and inspiration on living a fuller, healthier inner life.

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