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Twofer Tuesday: On Core Values & Emotional Resilience

twofer-500x500This week’s Twofers present a couple of lists that are worth setting down your to-dos for and taking a gander. The first article offers 10 reflections on how to get back to your core and maintain a solid centre. The second presents 5 strategies to strengthen your resilience.

Grey Matter Musings

In 2006, writer Maria Popova began what became her very popular blog, Brain Pickings. Here, she presents 10 core beliefs that she fleshed out during her blog’s first decade.

The insights range from the basic (though nevertheless all-too-often overlooked) to the profound. And they are all very worthy values.

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Bracing for Rocky Roads

We all face challenging times. It’s part of life, for better or for worse.

But knowing that truth doesn’t always prepare us for the shock of major, unexpected struggles. Even the most evolved and self-aware among us could benefit from building better resilience.

This Greater Good article presents several resilience practices that can empower you to more skilfully manage emotional pain.

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