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How’s 2017 So Far?

Here we are. New Year’s has come and gone. Resolutions were made. But are the same old habits rearing up? Is there something holding you back from achieving your goals? These podcasts contain helpful ideas for healthier ways of being, as well as stories of transformation.

Download them for a listen on your next commute.

Disrupt Yourself

Tune into Whitney Johnson’s fascinating and uplifting interview with Coss Marte, the founder of ConBody, a gym that hires formerly incarcerated people and which sits on the same New York street corner where he used to deal. As you listen to Coss’s story, consider your own transferable skills. Visit the Disrupt Yourself podcast to hear this powerful story of transformation. 

Find Your What

Did you know that I was once on the path to becoming a lawyer? You’ll hear about why that wasn’t the route for me in this Reinvention Radio interview, in which I also talk about how to find the “what” that inspires us to do our Great Work. Take a listen to Reinventing Great Work.

Calm Yourself

Stressed out? In this interview, guest Amy Gallo shares the signs of stress, and how to immediately interrupt feelings of stress and start to access the rational, calmer part of your brain. Tune into the HBR IdeaCast podcast with Sarah Green Carmichael to get practical advice on taking on stress or dealing with unexpected conflict in the workplace.

Be Fearless

Michael Hyatt’s This Is Your Life podcast is a treasure trove of tips and hints for working with more passion and focus. In this episode, he and Megan Hyatt Miller (his oldest daughter and chief operating officer of Michael Hyatt & Company) discuss the real reasons we’re afraid to set goals in 2017. You’ll discover the four negative emotions that stop us from pursuing our goals, and learn how to overcome them. Check it out here.

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