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Twofer Tuesday: On Optimism & Busyness

How often do you give in to negativity rather than focusing on the positive? Do you ever wonder how others perceive you when you tell them you’re much too busy? This week’s Twofers take a look at two subjects that greatly affect our modern world, at work and at play: optimism and busyness.

The Power of Positive Thinking

Some people may see optimism as a fool’s pursuit. But what would those people say to the endlessly positive entrepreneurs who change our world? (And make a tidy profit along the way, might I add.) People, for instance, like Steve Jobs.

Here, executive coach and New York Times bestselling author Mark C. Thompson shares two simple but fundamental ways you can get closer to your goals this year. I’ll give you a hint: they both involve reflecting on positivity.

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The Business of Busyness

When it comes to how we “should” be spending our time, mixed messages abound. There’s the work-life balance camp. And then there’s the near-constant pressure to be continually plugged in, offering round-the-clock responsiveness to colleagues and friends alike.

Regardless of what’s best for each of us, how we present our hectic (or not) lives to others can make a big impression. For instance, in American circles, “busy” is synonymous with high social status.

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