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Cathy Shaughnessy’s Five Essential Books for Coaching

Cathy Shaughnessy is the author of The Really Competent Coach series, which helps coaches understand what it takes to become ICF credentialed and to create a plan for getting there. She also coaches senior leaders, mentors credentialed coaches and trains fledgling coaches. So if anyone is qualified to offer up five essential books for coaching, its Cathy. Im happy that she is my guest blogger today. Be sure to follow her on Twitter @ExecCoachCathy or check out her website,

Book 1: The Coaching Habit: Say Less, Ask More & Change the Way You Lead Forever

By Michael Bungay Stanier

Not all leaders have the time, energy or motivation to commit to coaching full time, but they can all use coaching techniques to have more powerful conversations. This is a short book with a big message: just listen more and talk less to become the leader everyone wants to work for.

Book 2: Presence-Based Coaching: Cultivating Self-Generative Leaders through Mind, Body, and Heart

By Doug Silsbee

To be fully present for another human being is a privilege and a gift. This book drives that message home and provides solid skills for cultivating presence as a coach.

Book 3: Masterful Coaching

By Robert Hargrove

This is the first coaching book I read, and I return to it again and again. Hargrove says the role of a coach is to inspire people to unearth what they passionately care about, so they can begin to formulate that into a vision. That has become a guiding principle in my work.

Book 4: Coaching: Evoking Excellence in Others

By James Flaherty

Flaherty covers the fundamentals of coaching from a perspective that is grounded in both deep experience and research. His strategies for assisting clients who are profoundly stuck have been pivotal in helping me move my clients forward.

Book 5: Executive Coaching with Backbone and Heart

By Mary Beth ONeill

ONeills book taught me a lot about authenticity and its importance in building high-trust coaching relationships. Her description of presence as bringing your self when you coach: your values, your passion, creativity, emotion and discerning judgement continues to be profoundly grounding in my coaching.

Meet Cathy Shaughnessy

Cathy Shaughnessy is a PRISM award-winning ICF master certified coach and author of the book series The Really Competent Coach. Cathy coaches senior leaders, mentors credentialed coaches, trains fledgling coaches and helps organizations build strong coaching cultures. She has been a lecturer at Wilfrid Laurier University in the School of Business and Economics and is currently an associate faculty member at Royal Roads University, in the Centre for Coaching and Workplace Innovation.



Twitter: @ExecCoachCathy



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