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Twofer Tuesday: On Comedic Insights & Poetic Reflections

Comedy and poetry — are they so very different? Each of this week’s Twofer articles provides worldly ruminations from two people who excel at their craft: first, comedian Jerry Seinfeld, then poet Wendell Berry.

Golden Nuggets from a Gold-Star Comedian

I don’t know about you, but I happen to really like Jerry Seinfeld. He’s funny, he’s smart and he’s a shrewd businessman. The thing is, though, knowing that isn’t going to help me innovate. According to Mr. Seinfeld, innovation begins when you ask yourself “What am I really sick of?”

In this insight-packed piece, the comedian expounds on that and much more, including humour as a leadership tool and the delicate balancing act required to create (great) new material.

Read: Life’s Work: An Interview with Jerry Seinfeld

Whispered Wisdom from a Poetic Soul

Wendell Berry’s “How to Be a Poet” is an oldie but definitely still a goodie. It’s a gentle, beautiful reflection on how each of us can be a better poet, yes, but also a better artist, creator and — ultimately — person.

“With its insistence on the vitalizing power of silence and stillness and self-refinement, it is perhaps, above all, about how to be a complete human being.”

Read: Wendell Berry on How to Be a Poet and a Complete Human Being

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