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Twofer Tuesday: On Embracing Change & Improving Coaching

Let’s face it, we all tend to get stuck in a rut more often than we’d like. Grooves start to feel comfortable, and we settle into them all too easily. The trouble is, from that deep-seated slump, we can’t see what’s coming or recognize when it’s time to shake things up. That’s why it’s critical to constantly challenge our ideas of what works and how we think it works. This week’s Twofers explore a different take on two major facts of business life – and factors of business success: organizational change (resistance isn’t as strong as you may think) and coaching (you should ask more than tell).

Organizational Shift? Change Your Perspective

So, this one might take some of you by surprise. If you’re like me, you’ve frequently heard and read about people’s resistance to change and how it’s one of the biggest obstacles to organizational restructuring.

Well, it seems that the situation might not be that clear-cut. Many of us are afraid of anticipated loss in the face of change, whether the fear is rational or not. But according to executive coach Brian Brittain, change itself may not be the harbinger of resistance we all think it is.

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Unpacking the Coaching Habit

Huge thanks to Klaus Kneupner for calling out my book The Coaching Habit as a solid guide to coaching. In his words, my simple seven-question framework “can carry a lot of the coaching load” by enabling people to listen better, rather than focusing on what witty question to pose next.

Here, see his very clever Mind Map of my book.

Read: The Coaching Habit Mind Map

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