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Twofer Tuesday: On Not Caring What Others Think & Generating New Ideas

At Box of Crayons, we believe in examining and challenging the way people think. It’s a practice that can keep us from slipping into a rut and falling back on old habits that no longer serve us (if they ever did!). This week’s Twofer articles take a close look at why we should stop worrying so much about what others think of us and how we can start generating plenty of new ideas.

Overcoming Tribe Mentality

Have you ever been overcome by a crippling fear of what others think? If so, this article’s for you.

There may be some evolutionary logic to paying close attention to how the rest of the tribe sees us — way back in the BC era, when our very survival depended on being accepted by others. Today, however, social survival is something of an outdated concept.

Innovation, originality and authenticity all necessitate overriding those inner fears and listening more to what we think of ourselves rather than caving in to the tribe.

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Coming Up with New Ideas

Would you describe your brain as “an idea-generating machine”? If not, would you like to be able to?

See how creative director, writer and strategist Rodd Chant has trained his brain to come up with 20 ideas, each and every day.

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