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Twofer Tuesday: On Reclaiming Your Fridays & Making the Most of 2017

Looking to make the most of the coming year? Look no farther. (Well, okay, do look ahead just enough to read the two articles below…) The first of these Twofer pieces shows how you can reinvent your Fridays to be more productive and set yourself up better for the following week. The second offers a free guide to a great 2017.

Flipping Friday on Its Head

If you’re into working out or training, you may be familiar with the concept of active recovery. In a nutshell, it’s a way of letting your body decompress from the rigours of hard exercise while still working toward your overall fitness or athletic goals.

This intriguing, thought-tickling article by cofounder Sol Orwell applies a similar concept to the workplace. He offers an interesting approach to Fridays that relieves the building pressure we often face at the end of the week, without cutting into our productivity.

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Your Guide to a Great 2017

Jennifer Louden is a bestselling author, teacher, coach and retreat leader. She’s also a frequent Box of Crayons collaborator and part of my Brain Trust — a group of masterminds who support one another through strategic thinking, helpful tactics and the occasional arse kicking (as required).

Her free 2017 Guide offers an invaluable opportunity to figure out what it is you truly want — and how to go after it, hard.

In Jen’s words: “This guide is my invitation to you to listen to the truth of what you truly want. To claim the support you need to make those desires real. To untangle the stories that snare you and make you believe _____ isn’t possible. And with a hell yes! create more of what you want for yourself and get your scary sh*t done. If not now, when?”

Read: Your 2017 Guide for Following through on Your Creative Desires, Getting Your Sh*t Done & Showing Up for Your Life

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