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What Stories Are You Telling?

Many of us tell ourselves stories about the way things work. But have you ever wanted to dig deeper and explore the real inner workings of those things? Like, for instance, work-life balance, entrepreneurial success, creativity or even storytelling itself.

These four podcasts (well, three podcasts and one TED Talk) offer the opportunity to have a listen and hear for yourself.

Death to Email

I just discovered a great podcast series called Work and Life with Stew Friedman.  Stew uses the series to chat with experts about finding that work-life balance so many of us find elusive. One of the biggest culprits in tipping the scale toward workaholism is the notorious “email overwhelm.” Tune into Stew’s podcast episode featuring David Burkus to learn how you can innovate your email practices and regain control over how — and when — you work.

The Secret Strength of Entrepreneurs

Recently, I had the pleasure of sitting down with Neil Ball and discussing what I call the secret strength of entrepreneurs. Got an idea as to what it might be? Check out this interview on The Entrepreneur Way.


Writer’s Block? A Myth Debunked

Here’s a bit of an older one, from last September, that’s still resonates with me. It’s a fascinating back-and-forth with Seth Godin and Brian Koppelman. Be sure to check out the 15:30-minute mark, where they talk about enrolment, commitment and vision. And listen right up to the end for insights about fear. Here it is.


From Story to Reality

Stories can be moving, powerful and often necessary. But are we putting narrative and mythology ahead of facts? In this inspiring TED Talk, writer Sisonke Msimang examines our tendency to passively take in stories, and urges us all instead to engage actively and intellectually with the tales that intrigue us. Have a look.



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