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Twofer Tuesday: On High-Tech Coaching & Effective Storytelling

We’re all looking to up our game. I mean, you wouldn’t be here reading about doing more Great Work if you weren’t interested in delivering your very best, would you? Optimal performance is at the heart of this week’s Twofers. The first looks at how to leverage mobile apps to improve your coaching capability. The second offers fundamental tips on giving better presentations.

Digital Leadership? Coaching in the Modern Age

If you’re a coach, or offer leadership to your employees, or are just thinking about how coaching might help in your workplace, this one’s for you. Executive coach Carol Braddick offers a helpful road map of the various mobile apps available to help you take coaching to the next level.

Added bonus: I had the privilege of contributing to this piece.

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Telling Tales out of School: Raising Your Presentation Game

Storytelling is pretty simple, right? It’s something most of us experience from a young age, whether at bedtime or in school, and many of us go on to do it in our adult lives — from reading to children to delivering high-powered talks, and everything in between. But, as with all things, getting it done isn’t the same as doing it well.

This article outlines the three frameworks necessary for telling stories and delivering presentations that resonate and engage.

“A successful presenter convinces the audience to believe in a new idea.”

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