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The Judges Have Voted! See Our #CoachingHaiku Winners

What a response! The whole Box of Crayons team would like to send out a heartfelt thank-you to everyone who entered the #CoachingHaiku contest. Not only did we get hundreds and hundreds of submissions but the level of coaching wisdom was absolutely stellar. You raised the bar for our panel of judges, whom — might I add — had the very difficult job of making the final decision.

First Prize

The top choice for first prize is this entry by Amy Neal, who will receive $1,700 CDN:

Second Prize Winners

Our second-place winners will receive $170 CDN each. The five winners are:

1. Shoma Chatterjee

2. Ryan Knight

3. Erica McBride

4. Charles Chumley

5. Trevor Timbeck


Third Prize

These 20 people will receive a copy of The Coaching Habit in any format they choose.

  1. Sandy Johnson
  2. Susan Reisinger
  3. John Westworth
  4. David Haray
  5. Joseph Lara
  6. Miriam Linderman
  7. Kelly Riddell
  8. Ryan Kent
  9. Lisa Baker
  10. Carl Oxholm
  11. Dale Blythman
  12. Gayle Clamen
  13. Bruce van Ryn-Bocking
  14. Andy Kaufman
  15. Joseph Lalonde
  16. Orrin Woodward
  17. Amanda Knight
  18. Cathy Salit
  19. Barbara Genualdi
  20. Mike Herzog

We will be contacting these people by email shortly to arrange the details.

8 Responses to The Judges Have Voted! See Our #CoachingHaiku Winners

  • Theresa O'Connor

    This was a great contest with inspiring winning Haikus. Congratulations to Box of Crayons and the winners.

  • Andi

    Thank you so much for organizing this competition and for all who contributed – delightful inspiration! Any plans to make the full collection available? – I really enjoyed scrolling through them and there were some additional half remembered personal favourites that aren’t in the list above. A book perhaps? 🙂

  • Martha Warren Mitchell

    I agree that this was a challenging, fun, and inspiring event. Kudos to the organizers and participants! I am trying to think of ways to borrow from /build on this event within my team – for example, team mission haikus. I am sure Box of Crayon readers coaches and readers have more good ideas!

  • Miriam Linderman

    I am honoured to have been selected, delighted to have played in this wonderful field with so many, and most of all, I appreciate how reading your haikus opened a deeper awareness of the coaching process, its intention and its impact.

    Congratulations to all the winners and to each of you who contributed and brought so much joyful energy. You made a difference.

  • Janine Buis

    What a wonderful competition. Congratulations to the winners! Thanks for the inspiration. Love the idea for a book!

  • MJ Macdonald

    Really wonderful! Thanks for the inspiration and beauty of the words.

  • Barbara

    So many thought provoking entries! It was fun to participate and inspiring to read so many clever, insightful and moving Ideas for communication. I hope you find a way to share them widely.

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