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Twofer Tuesday: On Deeper Empathy & Better Listening

Many of us spend much of our time caught up in a whirlwind of “me-focused” issues. From work challenges to personal responsibilities to the minutiae of everyday errands, it’s all too easy to forget to pay heed to those around us. In truth, it’s a problem — one that’s addressed very well in this week’s Twofer. The first explores the beauty of empathy and how we can (and should) embrace it to better ourselves, our relationships and our work. The second looks at ways we can become better listeners. (Hint: It involves asking more questions!)

A Question of Empathy

Understanding how others see the world has always been an important part of any constructive, collaborative relationship, whether at work or at home. Today, perhaps more than ever, it’s critical that we make the effort to empathize with others.

“Empathy is a conscious choice — a decision to hit pause on our emotions, say hello to our hidden biases, and acknowledge the information that we’re not seeing or are choosing to ignore.”

Here, CreativeMornings presents five outstanding talks that “teach the beauty of empathy in multiple contexts.”

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Listen: What Others Say Matters Too

It can be uncomfortable to take a hard look at ourselves and acknowledge our shortcomings. It’s also necessary for inner growth and outer success.

Going into conversations with our own agenda keeps us from properly hearing what the other person has to say — and from treating their ideas as being as important as our own. Not only is that a selfish way to live life but it also closes us off to innovation and discovery, and it seriously hampers our ability to adapt in a changing world.

This Fast Company article outlines six ways to improve our listening skills.

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