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Twofer Tuesday: On Leadership & Persuasion

Want to learn how to get your way all the time? This Twofer can help you do just that! A bit tongue-in-cheek, perhaps, but the articles do offer valuable insights on how to exert more influence by letting go of control, and how to become better at persuasion by first addressing the person’s mindset.

Control vs. Influence: May the Best Method Win

The best leaders understand the value of listening. They aren’t concerned with always having the last word, or even the loudest word or the most words. That’s because they know the golden rule of leadership — that it’s less about control and more about influence.

Whether you’re already a leader or you aspire to be one someday, this article by author Michael Hyatt will help you discover how to become a person of influence.

Read: Are You Confusing Leadership and Control? 4 Ways You Can Become a Person of Influence

The Power of Pre-Suasion

Have you ever wondered how to make a stronger case when presenting an argument? You won’t find the answer through forming a clever appeal. Better to find a way to change the person’s state of mind — to “pre-suade” them — before going after what you want.

“Pre-suasion offers an important lesson to anyone wishing to persuade more effectively. For maximum impact, it’s not only what you do; it’s also what you do just before you do what you do.”

Read: To Persuade More Effectively, Pre-suade First

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