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Twofer Tuesday: On Mindfulness & Self-Doubt

Truly doing just one thing at a time; and believing in ourselves. Two fairly straightforward concepts, yet they can be surprisingly difficult to master, even for the best of us. This week’s Twofer looks at how to stay present in the moment and how to overcome self-doubt.

Mind(fulness) Over Matter

In our fast-paced world, one of the most pervasive syndromes is busyness. It’s infectious, it can spread out of control, and while it promises to yield great returns, it actually threatens our very health and happiness.

If you knew there was an all-natural, sure-fire antidote, wouldn’t you want to try it? How about if that treatment could not only help you be more present, but also connect you to your true self?

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Longing to Belong

If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably grappled with self-doubt and questionable confidence at some point in your career. In fact, approximately 70% of people are faced with imposter syndrome at least once their lives.

But there’s hope. This 99U article outlines five strategies to help rebuild your confidence, now and for the long haul.

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