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Twofer Tuesday: On Focus & Fantastic Aliveness

Too often, we forget to appreciate the beauty in the everyday and to have compassion for ourselves. We focus on productivity at all costs and try to push through the grind, overlooking the fact that we are all individuals, with unique and complex internal processes. And we dismiss as mundane the ordinary things that actually add up to an extraordinary life. As an antidote, for this week’s Twofer I chose articles that celebrate the artfulness in our work and the wonder of being alive.

Work in Focus

Doing great work is an art. So why should we expect to be able to apply task-oriented, cookie-cutter productivity methods to all our work?

Here, Farnam Street takes a look at the personal side of focus, and how we must each go about finding it in our own way.

Read: Focusing Is an Art, Not a Science

The Fantastical Lightness of Being (Alive)

Earlier this year, the literary world lost a great children’s book author and memoirist: Amy Krouse Rosenthal. She passed away in March 2017, leaving behind a legacy of warmth and vitality.

Writing for her own blog, Brain Pickings, Maria Popova reflects on what we can all learn from Amy’s example, of being fantastically alive for as long as we’re living.

Read: How to Live Life with Fantastic Aliveness: Remembering Amy Krouse Rosenthal

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