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Twofer Tuesday: On Leadership & Mindset

Good coaching is critical to success in every field. So is adopting (and mastering!) the right mentality. With a focus on medicine and sports, these Twofer pieces offer insights gleaned from interviews with industry experts, offering tips on how we can all bring about better leadership and up our overall game.

Prescription for Success

In our quest to win the innovation race, are we focusing on ideas and technologies at the expense of developing effective leaders?

In this episode of his That’s Unusual podcast, speaker, author and entrepreneur Dr. Gautam Gulati (otherwise known as Dr. G) explores that issue in the context of medicine. Listen in to his chat with Dr. Margaret Cary as they look at why coaching is in high demand within the health profession, and how best to create leaders out of doctors.

Listen to: Ep026: Dr. Margaret Cary on Turning Doctors Into Leaders

Masterful Mindset

It’s a safe assumption that anyone playing in the highest levels of any arena has talent. But what sets apart those who consistently win?

When it comes to the highest achievers, they’ve done more than master their craft; they have mastered a mindset that enables them to reach peak performance and stand out from their peers.

Here, New York Times bestselling author, Inc. 500 entrepreneur and keynote speaker Kevin Kruse talks to sports psychologist Dr. Stan Beecham about how the world’s greatest athletes think — and what we can learn from that across a range of industries.

Read: Success Secrets From A Sports Psychologist

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