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Twofer Tuesday: On Essentialism & Boredom

Sometimes the things that bring out our greatness can be surprising. Other times, they can be just what you’d expect — even if you hadn’t considered them in quite that way before. The first of these Twofer pieces looks at how stripping away the non-essentials helps you eliminate distractions and focus on what matters most. The second uncovers the hidden benefits of boredom.

Essentially Great

If you follow Whitney Johnson, you already know that she waves a flag for innovation through personal disruption. (And you likely receive her equally great newsletter — though if you don’t, you can sign up here for her twice-monthly email updates.)

My ears always perk up when she recommends a good read. Here, she outlines what’s so wonderful about Essentialism, the book by Greg McKeown, and how it breaks down key issues for top achievers, including how to decide what is truly essential and how to manage the paradox of success.

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A Boring Pursuit

If you ask me, boredom has a bad rap. Sure, it’s been shown to elicit bad behaviour at times. But what about its potential to do good?

By encouraging contemplation and daydreaming, boredom can yield great creativity.

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