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Twofer Tuesday: On Brainstorming & Introversion

If you’ve been scouring your brain for ways to encourage new ideas among your team and help them ALL fulfill their potential — regardless of disposition — then this Twofer is for you. Discover the better way to brainstorm, and how both introverts and extroverts can bring about positive disruption in their lives.

Toward Better Brainstorming

In many organizations, when the time comes to generate new ideas, people tend to converge on one popular method: Brainstorming. And why not? What could be the harm in bringing together a group of creative professionals to toss around suggestions and collectively feed off them?

Here’s part of the problem: When churning out ideas with others, people’s minds naturally converge, leading to rather one-note brainstorming sessions.

This Harvard Business Review article examines how to get your team thinking the right way.

Read: Your Team Is Brainstorming All Wrong

Harnessing the Quiet Power: Introversion, Disruption and Success

Susan Cain is a New York Times bestselling author and an in-demand speaker. She’s also an introvert.

In this podcast episode, Whitney Johnson chats with Susan about how she went from Wall Street attorney to full-time writer, and co-founded the Quiet Revolution to help introverts maximize their potential in a world that favours extroverts.

“One out of every two or three human beings is introverted. There is tremendous power associated with having this temperament, and we live in a culture that is telling introverts that they should turn into extroverts instead of helping them to capitalize on their powers for the benefit of themselves and of everyone.”

Listen: Susan Cain: Unlocking The Disruptive Power Of Introverts

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