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Twofer Tuesday: On Quiet Leadership & Millennial Management

Leadership. It’s an oft-debated topic that brings out plenty of strong opinions about how best to go about it. This Twofer presents a few key thoughts on the subject. In particular, the articles focus on quiet leaders and those of the millennial generation.

Nurturing the Leader Within

What makes for a great leader? Should they all be bold, outgoing and outspoken? Or is there a place for the introverted leader? The ones with the great potential to teach by example; those who need only step outside of their quiet comfort zones at key moments to reach and inspire their employees.

“Finding better ways to balance the needs of introverts and extroverts requires change on the part of organizations and individuals.”

Read: How to Appreciate and Develop “Quiet” Leadership

Leading the Way: Millennials in the Hot Seat

Lately there’s been a lot of water-cooler talk about the newfangled generation that’s quickly taking over the labour force: millennials. Whether or not you agree with all the heat and hype they sometimes get, it’s evident that they represent clear trends toward new ways of thinking and working. Companies would be remiss if they didn’t try to properly incorporate this young and growing group of upwardly mobile workers — into their organizations as a whole, and specifically into leadership roles.

This Chief Learning Officer article offers actionable tips on how to prepare millennials for management success.

Read: 3 Ways to Prepare Millennials for Leadership Roles

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