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Where We’re Going and How You Can Help

In this video, I share a bit about how far Box of Crayons has come in the last 15 years, but more importantly, where we’re going and the upcoming exciting things that you get involved with. At the end, I’ve got two questions for you. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

If you want to get involved with our performance management survey, or beta test a new app, please get in touch with us here at Box of Crayons.

6 Responses to Where We’re Going and How You Can Help

  • Jeffrey Davis

    Congratulations, Michael. You and your team are a perennial source of intelligent inspiration.

    Your upcoming projects further the change-making fun. Good work.

  • Denise Konigsfeld

    Congratulations on 15 Years!! A true accomplishment and testimony to surrounding yourself with great people, emanating passion and inspiring results!! Cheers to continued growth and impact!

  • Melinda English

    Congratulations on 15 years! Looking forward to hearing about your upcoming projects.

  • Bryan Newcomb

    Box of Crayons has taken my coaching to a whole new level here at USAA. I have a better understanding of the impact that I have with my employees when it comes to improving employee experiences by saying less and asking more (7 Core Questions). I have and continue to build 60 second habits to help support my coaching and to avoid being the Advice Monster or Rescuer. It has helped me create a partnership with each of my employees. I let my employees know what I’m working on (tiny habits) and ask them to hold me accountable when it comes to my tiny habits (creating a safe environment to coach up). I have more impactful coaching sessions to where employees are self-discovering their own triggers, bad habits, and replacing them with new habits. It helps support their growth and development and I can be LAZY!! This has helped create consistent world-class employee experiences, more focus on people development (best version of ourselves), and improve the level of quality and frequency of coaching. Employees have the empowerment, autonomy, and growth mindset when leaders build, implement, and sustain their own 60 second habits. The website is great and I use the Building Rock Solid Habits, Tiny surprises (I use this lot—It’s going to be a great day!), Charles Duhigg on Building Habit, BJ Fogg Tiny Habit podcasts (just to name a few) to help support my habits. I’m having fun coaching, developing, and growing my employees and it is changing the culture of coaching. You have made it fun!! I also wanted to give a big shout out to USAA for providing this training to our leadership team. USAA is fantastic in supporting their employees with the necessary tools to be successful in their development and growth and the Coaching Habit is a winner!! Thanks again Michael Bungay for your support and I look forward to using more resources on your Box of Crayons to help support my growth and development.

    What are you up against?
    As a leader is about having more time and balancing different priorities while making sure you create time for the most important people in the company, your employees. The Coaching Habit has helped tremendously with prioritizing and balancing my role and responsibilities. I’m having more time to coach and I’m not waiting to coach!

    What is on your wish list?
    I want more podcasts about habits on the Box of Crayons website and any other additional tools and resources to help sustain the Coaching Habit and Last Feedback!

  • louise

    Hi Michael, I found you very inspiring and have brought your book!
    I love the idea of an app which can help me stop giving advice too quickly. Although I am not commencing my course as a coach until October ( I take a while to commit! Procrastinator syndrome), I am a mentor.
    I will consider my wish list but your inspiration titbits and daily emails of inspiration aid my day.

  • Erin Wagg

    I’m a mom who’s been out of the paid workforce for too long! I have however, been an awesome volunteer for several years and have enjoyed your “great work” inspirational direction in all the projects I have taken on, it has made a huge difference in my world! Thank you for all that you have done and continue to do!

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